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Benefits of Chrome Plating PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 26 May 2009 05:29
    * Attractive mouldings – by applying chrome finish to mouldings a very different appearance can be achieved than with coloured plastics. Metal finishes can be very popular and, by coating plastics, advantage can be taken of characteristics from both materials.
    * Wear resistant – as chrome is a metal rather than a plastic its wear resistance properties are much greater than those of the plastic it  covers. This means for applications where a part might be handled repeatedly, such as a shower handset, a chrome finish is likely to wear better than its plastic counterpart.
    * Electrically conductive parts – by chrome or nickel  plating a part it is possible to give a plastic component the ability to conduct electricity. This gives the advantage of being able to create electrical components that are light weight and less costly to produce than completely metal parts.  Futhermore, 3 dimensional conductive tracks can be laid down on plastic moulded components.
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